Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mary Shelley —Frankenstein

Hummm, Frankenstein. Personally (sorry Mrs. Shelley) but it definitely was not my favorite book. I had seen the movie prior to reading the book, so I knew the general outline. Although the book was a indeed different from the movie, it still didn't hold my attention. The strife and inner turmoil that was the Monster was easy to read into and predict. It seemed like the solution was obvious for Frankenstein but yet he chose not to ease the monsters suffering, and watched as those around him were killed my his creation. You would think he would have created some kind of fail safe or something!

Overall this book, for me personally, wasn't the greatest. I understood the plot devises and narration of different perspectives but, still the book dragged on. I would give this book a 4/10 for my personal lack of interest, though it was revolutionary for its time.