Friday, March 5, 2010

The Golden Compass

This was kind of a weird scenario for me. I had watched the movie previously so thus was comparing everything I read to the original movie. For me, I definitely prefer the book to most movies. Now, in this case, possibly because I had watched the movie and knew what was going to happen, the book really didn't seem that interesting. I found myself really disliking Lyra and her immature ways. I know that she is supposed to be young and curious but I found myself thinking too much about her as doing things just to be annoying (like switching the coins to the skulls in the cellars of the Jordan Collage.) and less about her as a heroic main character. In contrast though I absolutely love the world that they live in. I love the idea of Daemons and how they live outside of your body in a representational animal. Pan is actually one of the favorite characters, because he is like Lyra's continence and he knows what should be done and the rules that should be followed. This annoys me even more with Lyra when she swats him out of the way most times in favor of doing things for her own gain.

The story-line mind you was also interesting. I really liked the idea of dust and alternate universes, such as the one we live in. The alethiomer that was also used in the book. I can't wait to see how she uses it in the second the third book to solve the mysteries of her universe actually.

The similarities throughout the book and the movie was really significant. Aside from the appearance of Ms. Coulter and how she goes about luring children away from their homes or care takers, it pretty much was bang on similar, or at least close enough. I really did like the movie don't get me wrong, but I found because I knew what was going to happen when it was a breeze to get through but also dragged on in certain parts. The characters I visualized were all the ones from the movie and how they interacted (such as the party Ms. Coulter put on) were pretty much the same.

I really did like the movie better, and I hope people don't hold that against me. I have talked to a few people already who had read the book first and by FAR like the book better. Though I find it interesting that they have the same view I do as to the dislike they have for the annoying, mischievous Lyra. The book itself wasn't a bad read, but I can't wait to get into book two and even three to find out what happens, and from the books point of view, not the movie. =)

I give this book a 6/10 only because I really really love the idea, but I think when they made the movie they cut a lot of stuff out and that WORKS for the book because the stuff they cut out really wasn't necessary. The movie held my attention better than the book, though I really liked them both.

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