Thursday, March 4, 2010

Interview with a Vampire

Previously I had seen the movie Interview with a Vampire which I absolutely loved, so it was really fun to get to read the book as well. I found the movie to be very true to the book in a lot of ways, especially the trauma that Louis went through.

With all of the vampire hype about with Twilight I was glad that we got to read a "tride and true" vampire book as opposed to the sparkly "lion fell in love with the lamb" version. Though it's not outright published as a romance nobel, I think every vampire novel has some semblance of sexuality portrayed in it. When Lestat punctures Louis' neck starting the process of him becoming a vampire, that whole scene is very sexual. Though pushing that aspect a side I really loved the parts of the book where Lestat teaches Louis how to "hunt" in essence. I have read a great many vampire books, including the Vampire Encyclopedia which was a great read. It's more of a dictionary of sorts about vampires. It tells about their customs an habits, which in Anne Rices' Interview with a Vampire a lot of those similarities can be seen.

When Claudia joins Lestat and Louis the three travel Europe in search of other Vampires. My favorite part of the book, and also one of the saddest was when Claudia has her freak out about not being able to age. I loved her passion and really to think about the position she was in, and if I was in that same limbo how I would feel. I concluded that I probably would have reached the same freak out that she had. To not be able to age, stuck in a child's body yet having the mind of an adult, would be horrible. My second favorite part of the book what when Claudia and Madeleine are trapped in the stone whole by Armand and wait till midday when the sun shines over them, turning them to ash. That scene really made me cry because Claudia really wasn't a bad person, and Madeleine had nothing to do with it and had just been turned into a vampire.

Overall I would give this book a 7/10 for really creative story and interest, though it's not my favorite, it had many good parts to it.

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