Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies

Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies...need I say more? It was great to finally read the book, though I guess I expected a lot more out of it than I got. Jane Austin's original Pride and Prejudice was a glimpse into the realm of gentry ladies and how this one family worked in relation to having three daughters. Other than that, it was really rather boring. I read through it all just waiting for it to get better but it never happened! Besides Jane Austin's original work there were the occasional slap of zombies in there by Seth Grahame-Smith it was still the same book.

Granted I had never read Jane Austin's original work before so in contrast it was good from an educational point of view to read it. I am much more of a fantasy type of person so reading this "historical" type of book of "back in the day..." type scenarios was a little too fruitless for me. Especially of the interaction between Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. THAT was just silly. It boggled my mind the horrible interactions between the two of their horrible people skills. It reminded me of a poorly written Romeo and Juliet. Having the zmbie parts slapped in their only made the book all the more outrageous. I don't mean funny ha ha outrageous I mean I really want to stop reading because this is shameful to zombies AND love stories everywhere.

They never really refereed to zombies as zombies until the very end which I kind of appreciated. It was never explained what happened to them or how they got that way, or even how zombification spread. Having that kind of open endedness to the story actually didn't leave as many loopholes as I thought it would.

Overall I really didn't like this book. I detest how the zombie parts were just thrown in there with a lot of blood and gore. There was no sympathy for people who got eaten by the zombies really either, or prevention of zombies from just entering a home. I mean really who stands by a large glass window when there are zombies outside wanting to eat you? Easy target? I think so. The whole martial arts aspect just made my jaw drop. Split between laughter and annoyance I'm still not sure how I feel. The dreary love story, zombies, martial arts....2/10 I just am not a big fan of this book what so ever.

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