Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frankenstein Rewrite

In my original posting of Frankenstein I didn't go into enough depth about why I chose that book's original rating of 4/10, so I want to go back and do that now.

Now, the Monster is a literal representation of a monster. He was pieced together by Dr. Frankenstein and kind of left to his own ends as far as development as a character. His dangerous obsession with knowledge and how much he indeed lacks it strips him to the viewers eyes of any humanity he may have gained from his outer shell and vaguely human like mannerisms. The monster realizes that it was never his choice be to become this hideous thing, and all he wants it to be accepted and seen for something other than what he now represents, fear and horror. Humans take this for granted, and the majority of the time people are based around their outer appearances rather that what is inside. If someone's first visual impression of you is bad, then they stay away from you, and if everyone stays away from you, then inevitably you are more than likely to reflect that upon yourself and become what people see. This is the whole idea behind the monster.

Thought this aspect of the book is very deep and well thought out, I found myself not relating to the book. Potentially because I like how I am perceived and how people see me the majority of the time, I have little experience as to how the monster feels. The 4/10 is for my lack of understanding the character, which leads me to not understand his choices being made when be decides to murder others in hopes for his own gain. The story seemed to far fetched and everything was explained for you, though in a nice, intellectual way. I still felt like I was being lead through the book without a real connection to anything because I didn't discover anything for myself. I imagine it is more of a reader error than anything as to my feelings about this book.

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