Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Twilight Series

Twilight....need I say more?

I found the hilarity of the topic being brought up in class absolutely gleeful because I love to hear the banter of good vs bad aspects of this book. I had read the first book before anyone had really heard of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer so it was rather annoying to see this influx of fan girl love bombs on her work. I love the fantasy side of books, the werewolves and vampires, I think the lore behind each is equally fascinating. After reading this book, a small group of theater friends and I got together and the subject of this book came up. I was so rapped with fascination at their totally differing reaction to the book than myself.

This group of girls had to much to say about the book. Their view was that it was really a book about total romanticism and devotion of two people from differing backgrounds in modern society, it just happens that one is a vampire. They found it enthralling that Edward had to battle with his constant urge to devour Bella, and how Bella was so trusting. That everlasting bond between the two and how their love could conquer anything that stood in their way, including mortality. They never focused on the shinny vampire sparkling in the sun bit, but only on the promise of how romantic it would be if you had a dark angel guardian who watched over you at night. All of Stephanie's intended views of what Edward and Bella should be and should represent were in this conversation and I loves how there readers chose to see Edward and every aspect of the book, how they wanted it to be.

Then college started, and I got wind of how there was a huge Edward and Bella fan craze of hate towards them. I didn't understand at first why there was such animosity towards the story, until I heard the "haters" side of the debate, and agreed there were a lot of loop wholes and stereo types that Stephanie broke, which I guess upset so many people. But the point is, if there hadn't been a pre judged view of what vampire's SHOULD be there wouldn't be this huge debate over her book. It is popular for a reason, these two 'magical' boys are fighting over an every day average girl, wouldn't every girl want to be in Bella's position?

I have such strong opinions about this book and I love hearing the debate for either side because it just means that there are other people passionate about this book as well. The idea of two sexy, powerful men with alluring qualities and cute quarks battling it out over this new girl in town who is completely average is somehow what every girl has dreamed of in one way or another.

I give this book a 10/10 because of it's huge popularity and my own personal fascination with the book.

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