Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Seventh Voyage

I read the seventh voyage on a whim, not really thinking to hard on what story of the week I was going to read. Actually after finishing the story my head was spinning and I felt really bewildered, but in a good way! The time paradox got my head in a loop of the crazy possibilities of this story and how well it used the time paradox to make the story flow literally into itself then back out again.

My brain still heats thinking back to this story. The time paradox has been a secret nerd fawning ground for a long time, and is one of my personal favorites to talk about. Rather not talk about because clearly then no progress is made because all you would be talking about is the same event over and over and how that doing different things would potentially change or unchange a situation.

I love this story because of the connections it makes you think of, and how frustrating it would be having gone through the experience of this situation with the main character to have none of the space station men believe you. My mind just screams at the paradox's you could create or what would happen if...questions. The story works well because by naming the character after the days it helps you follow what is going on while doubling back on itself and having the same goal, to fix the ship!

Overall a 7/10 because I think more could have been added to the story and it could have possibly been resolved better at the end.

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